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About Us


Titan is an entrepreneurial driven, service oriented, waste and recycling solutions company with a comprehensive package of waste reduction, collection, recycling, and technology enabled solutions to support customer demand.  Our agile team will evangelize environmental innovation at scale, providing stakeholders an opportunity to participate in one of the nation’s fasting growing environmental solutions companies. 


The estimated 2023 US market size for Waste Collection Services is $73.7 billion, including collecting hazardous and nonhazardous waste and recyclable materials.  The industry is highly recession resistant given the utility like nature of waste collection & recycling. Nonhazardous waste includes municipal solid waste, household waste, and industrial and commercial waste. 


  • Leverage past experience working with public waste companies to build a company with significant scale and structure
  • Avoid typical corporate bureaucracy and remain an efficient, nimble acquirer of quality companies
  • Apply an entrepreneurial team-oriented approach to acquisitions
  • Leverage local relationships resulting in enticing sellers to be more willing to transact and remain on for future growth
  • Enter markets by buying smaller players providing significant opportunities for organic growth due to new presence
  • Strive to be number 2 or 3 in markets initially
  • Our execution will create a more efficient and nimbler public consolidator capable of realizing similar valuations to those of WM, RSG, etc.


Our Family of Companies